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Fotolia_28606146_XS1One important fact, even with the most loving of dog owners, is that they rarely give their dog’s diet a second thought. They buy whatever commercial dog food is cheapest and hardly ever check the ingredients. A lot of owners only begin to question their dogs diet when they see that he is not as attentive or happy as he use to be. It may even be a simple case of noticing that their dog’s coat is not as shiny looking as it once was, or he has developed bad teeth and his breath smells. Other dog owners may have first identified a problem when they notice their dogs beginning to scratch themselves silly or not having much energy. Some owners, who give their dog’s regular exercise and control the amount their dog’s eat, cannot understand why it is that their dog’s are so overweight or bloated. In such cases, this clearly points to the dog’s diet as being the source of the problem.

Dogs are mammals, comparable to us.  In the event that we actually eat too much and don’t exercise enough, we are undoubtedly going to become overweight. However, if we consume food which is not good for us, such as fatty fast foods, the effect of this is that we are going to feel rather sluggish and lethargic afterwards and won’t want to move.  Medical science has shown that if we have an unhealthy diet  this can cause all sorts of health problems, such as heart disease and diabetes. Dogs are no different.  If they do not eat the right food and do not get enough exercise, they too will become more susceptible to a whole host of avoidable illnesses. Therefore, since we are in charge of our dog’s diet should we not provide them with the best food that we can?

Most people do not realise that a dog’s dietary needs are not that different from our own. They need very much the same vitamins and minerals as we do, just not in the same quantity. They must have protein and carbohydrates not to mention fats, much the same as we do. It is imperative therefore that very careful attention is paid to the ingredients we include in our dog’s diet.

Equally as significant as a healthy diet is, it is just as important to maintain your dog on a regular feeding routine. Getting them to eat at regular times will actually assist with their dietary health. Just like us, dogs need to have time for their digestive system to work between meals. This gives their system time to absorb the essential nutrients from the food they eat.

The majority of people who own dogs think of them as being part of their family. It is therefore essential that dog owners realise the benefits of feeding their dog a good diet, especially since they have the potential to prevent many avoidable and unnecessary illnesses and diseases.


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