It’s clear that making your own natural dog food has substantial benefits for the physical health of your dog, as well as a financial benefit to your wallet/purse.

Now that you are aware of the main foods to avoid, the next step is to actually prepare some delicious and savoury meals for your dog to enjoy.

Just like food recipes for humans, there are many recipes and variations of recipes for our canine friends.

The following Main Meal Recipes show how to prepare the food, together with suggestions on how you can vary or alter the recipe according to your dog’s tastes. A number of recipes also include serving suggestions along with storage advice. All of the recipes can be accessed either from the “Recipes” tab on the right navigation menu or simply by clicking anywhere on the individual recipe listing below:-


There are literally hundreds of different recipes that could be listed here. Apart from providing a healthy balanced meal the recipes listed above have proven to be a hit with those (dogs) who have tried them. These can also be used as base recipes from which you can add to, alter or adapt according to your dogs taste.

Remember, just like human food recipes, dog food recipes are not written in tablets of stone and should therefore be made with the objective of satisfying individual tastes. Once you know the foods to avoid, the possibilities are up to you. If you would like more healthy recipes and learn about some of the more detrimental aspects of feeding your dog commercial dog food, then take a look at Dog Food Secrets. Understanding the importance of feeding your dog good homemade dog food recipes will keep them satisfied and increase their lifespan.


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