Food Training

To a lot of  people, training your dog to only eat on command probably sounds a little odd. It is in fact one of the easiest ways to protect your dog from eating something potentially harmful. It also reduces the chance of your dog stealing from the table or from an unattended BBQ. They will also be less likely to forage for food through the garbage.

dogwaitingBefore you feed your dog, hold his bowl up above his nose and give him the command to sit. Once he’s sitting, tell him to stay and place the bowl down in front of him.

If he moves before being released, reprimand him with a sharp “ah ah” sound and make him sit down again. When he’s sitting, staying in position and waiting without rushing straight to the food, he will look to you for the command to eat. Tell him “okay” or “go eat” or whatever command you want to give him.

This can take a couple of meals before your dog gets the idea, but he’ll learn fast, especially if he wants his dinner!

Do NOT make the mistake of thinking this is teasing your dog, or being cruel in anyway. You’re not. This is a very effective way to let your dog understand that you are the pack leader in your home and all food is only allowed and approved by you.

Your dog will begin to re-think stealing food if he knows the pack leader hasn’t allowed it. This could be a very helpful way to make sure your dog isn’t eating anything he shouldn’t be.


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