People are always asking questions about commercial or store bought dog food. Here however, since we are only concerned with natural homemade dog food, the following are a few of the more frequently asked questions relating to this:




Q. What kind of food should I feed to my dog?

Within the recipes you feed to your dog you should include a balance of the following nutrients: proteins, fats and oils, minerals, vitamins carbohydrates and water.

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Q. Does my dog have to eat meat?

The simple answer is NO. Dogs are fully able to live on a vegetarian diet. In the absence of meat however it is essential to ensure that your dog gets enough protein.

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Q. Is it OK to feed raw meat to my dog?

Feeding raw meat to your dog can have significant benefits, especially over commercial dog foods that tend to use grain as a filler, which can cause allergies. Raw meaty bones are particularly good since they help to keep teeth clean and prevent the build up of tartar. Dogs after all are natural carnivores. The main thing to remember is not to feed too much raw meat and, make sure it is good quality.

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Q. Can I feed my dog left-overs from the dinner table?

It is not advisable to feed your dog left-overs since it may contain ingredients which are less than healthy for your dog. The whole idea behind preparing your own dog food recipes is to ensure that you are in control of all the ingredients they eat.

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Q. Should I feed vitamins to my dog?

Even if you are providing the best diet possible for your dog, it may be necessary to supplement their diet with additional vitamins. This applies no matter what type of food your dog eats i.e. natural or commercial. The type and quantity of vitamins will vary from dog to dog, depending on such factors as age and their ability to fully absorb the various vitamins contained in their food. Your Veterinarian will be able to advise you of what additional vitamins your dog may require.

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Q. Can the food my dog eats affect its life span?

Research has shown that the avarage life span of a dog could be as high as 27 years. In the US however the average life span of a dog is only 11 years. By feeding the correct food to your dog it is possible to increase their life span, in some cases by several years. Basically if your dog is less prone to illness as a result of eating a good diet, it is more likely to live longer.

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