All-Natural Dog Food

More and more dog owners are discovering the benefits of using natural ingredients when preparing their dog food recipes. They are, quite rightly becoming increasingly concerned about the source and contents of commercially prepared dog food. All_Natural_1One such lady who decided to take control of what her dogs eat is Joy Bunde. In fact, Joy discovered that the benefits of homemade dog food were so great, and the products in such demand, that she now produces natural dog food for the retail market.

When her four-legged friends decided to be finicky eaters, Joy Bunde took to her kitchen to whip up something to please her picky Pekingese.

I worried about their nutrition so I researched and talked to my vet and started making homemade dog food. Then I told my business partner about it and she really wanted to try some for her dogs and they go nuts over it, said Bunde.

She’s now expanding her business, Balto’s Favorite All-Natural Dog Food. It’s made with a few simple ingredients like ground beef, rice, peas and eggs.

We use the shells of the eggs as well because there’s a lot of nutrients in the shells. So we grind them up really fine and put them in there,said Bunde.

She and her business partner, Jennifer Perkins, have noticed the difference the food makes for their pets.

My dogs are 16 and 13 years old and they are like my children. I wasn’t blessed to have children, so I really take care of their health and I worry about their longevity. So by feeding them all natural dog food without any preservatives and really good enzymes in there for their digestion, I know they’re getting all the vitamins and minerals they need, said Bunde.

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Summary and Conclusion

In identifying the clear benefits of feeding natural ingredients to their own dogs, Joy and her business partner, Jennifer, have recognised that many other dog owners wish to follow this route also.

It has to be said that it is extremely easy and also very satisfying to take control and prepare natural dog food recipes yourself. However, for those people who have neither the time or inclination to do so, Joy Bunde can offer you an alternative.


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