Giving Treats To Your Dog

Whilst there are some people who say that treats should never be fed to dogs in between their meal times, the fact is that doggy treats can be used as a positive way of rewarding good behavior.  Additionally, if you make the treats yourself and you include healthy ingredients then they can actually be good for your dog.  That said, don’t forget that they are treats and as such should not be given to your dog on too regular a basis.

Treats as Rewardstreats2

Giving treats to young dogs can have a very positive effect when used as a reward, especially when you are in the process of training them.  Basically, a treat is seen as a reward for good behavior.  They can also be a way of showing your dog how much you love them, but again, do not over indulge them.  Many professional dog trainers advocate the use of treats as a way of encouraging dogs during their training and will always carry some in their pocket.

Types of Dog Treats

There are many different kinds of dog treats, but these should never include table scraps.  Some are nothing more than a rawhide bone which they enjoy chewing on, or it could even be a fresh raw bone.  There are very many different kinds of edible treats that are produced and sold commercially.  If you are going to give your dog store bought treats however, you must be sure that you know what ingredients they are made of.  Not all of the ingredients can be classified as healthy and many of them will contain chemicals.  Once again, the best advice here is to make your own.

Rawhide Treats

If you decide to give your dog a rawhide treat then there are a couple of things you should consider.  Rawhide is not very digestible, so if your dog is one of those that continually eats them, then the best advice is not to give them.  On the other hand, many owners like to give them to their dog because they believe it helps to remove plaque and tartar from their teeth.  If you have a puppy, rawhide bones can help with the development and strengthening of their teeth.  The downside here though is that in rare cases puppies have been known to choke on them.  If you decide to use rawhide treats, the best advice is to use the “knotted” type and make sure that it is too large for your dog to swallow.

The Best Dog Treats

Home made dog treats are definitely the best way to go.  Apart from the fact that you are in complete control of what your dog is eating, won’t you feel particularly pleased when you see them happily wagging their tail and enjoying their favorite treat that you prepared for them? Home made dog treat recipes are very easy to make.  Go to the Doggy Treat Recipes page to get some ideas for some well tried and tested treats that have proven to be great favorites and popular with most dogs.  You can of course vary or add to the recipes to include ingredients which you know your dog particularly likes. Finally, just a little reminder.  Treats are meant to be special, so don’t be tempted to over indulge.


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